Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recap: Botodesigns @ Cabin Fever Indie Gift Show in Boston

Last weekend I participated in the 1st Cabin Fever Indie Gift Show, in Boston, organized by the SOWA Open Market team. The show was held in a newly renovated warehouse space in the thick of the Sowa Art and Media district. Aesthetically the space was great: wood floors and brick walls, plus the decorative hearts and streamers added a fun whimsical feel to the venue.

Photo by New England Open Markets

Botodesigns selling at Cabin Fever Indie Gift Show

Unfortunately the buildings heating and electricity shut off every hour or so.

Botodesigns selling in the dark

It did make for a lovely shadow art photo opportunity.

The staff was quick to remedy the situation each time while the buyers seemed to enjoy short and exciting moments of shopping in the dark.

Overall I had a great time meeting friendly vendors, lovely new customers, and adorable dogs.

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