Sunday, November 8, 2009

Botodesigns on

Don't get me wrong I love selling on Etsy, but I decided recently that I would test out What sold me was the fact that buyers don't need to become members of Artfire in order to purchase. They can simply add something to their cart and buy it via Paypal or Amazon payments. Etsy is a wonderful community but the purchasing process can sometimes be confusing for new buyers who are not yet members.

So if you've been looking to buy some Boto goodies but don't want to sign up for an etsy or 1000markets account then you can head on over to the Botodesigns Artfire webstore!


Inner Toddler said...

do let us know wehn you have success. I'm trying out 1000 markets and Trunkt myself. so far, ETSY is the only place where I sell though. YOur shop looks great, btw! good luck!

Chen Reichert said...

ya, so far etsy is the only place where I sell too. I've had a 1000 markets account for months now and wasn't selling anything to point where I totally forgot about it and then last week I made a sale! but sadly i had to cancel it because the product was no longer available. arg. oh well. we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted. good luck with your sales! thanks for your comments :)