Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Movin' On Up to the East Side (of New Haven)

Oh boy... it happened again. Time got away from me once more. Darn you time! You move much too quickly!

Since my last post in June a lot has been going on, with the most notable events being travels near and far and our big move to Connecticut. That's right! As of late August, Sam and I are new New Haven residents. Sam is studying Japanese literature at Yale and I'm here to support and nag him to do his homework though he doesn't need much nagging since he loves his homework. Amazing how that worked out!

After a two week trip to Israel we returned to the States and immediately started jet-laggingly packing up our home in Philly. It was a bittersweet experience-- bitter because for several years before living in that apartment we had been wandering nomads relocating within the US and living abroad, so it was sad to pack up "our home" in Philly since we had finally sort of settled down and gotten used to having family close by. But the sweet part was knowing that we were going to discover a new place together and do something big and exciting for us both.

So we said peace out to the lovely skylight.

See you later bedroom Door of Mystery.

And Sayonara cute Olde City apartment.

Then with the help of Maximum Dave, super parents in-law and my incredible parents we moved half of our belongings to New Haven.

Unfortunately we forgot to bring a shower curtain and since it was the hottest day of the entire summer and we had no air-conditioning, we couldn't forgo showers. Luckily my MacGyver instincts kicked in and I made an extremely classy trash bag shower curtain ... ya.

But the second day of the move we bought fans and a *real* shower curtain and started making the place our own.

We also gave my parents some nap breaks because they really deserved them. I don't know anyone else who would help their kids move everything to another state on the hottest days of the year then proceed to organize/repair everything without an AC, and not complain once. They are superheros.
The second night we took out the brand new Wok (thanks again for the lovely wedding gift Korens!) and Sam made pad thai, which looked like pad thai but tasted like yaki soba. The End/the Beginning.


俊介 said...

I cant wait for the next chapter!!

Natalie said...

loved your new place. especially your trash bag shower curtain. good luck in your new home, i hope you will come visit us now more often.

xuxu said...

that shower curtain was great.

o.o is your husband a central graduate?

Chen Reichert said...

haha! that shower curtain was awful at the time but hilarious to reminisce about now.

My husband is not a Central grad but I am. He really likes wearing my old Central gym shirt.

xuxu said...

I wish they still sold yellow shirts. Our grey gym shirts are so void of color :(