Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inspiration 101

Thanks Philly Etsyians for your great responses to my Praying to the Art Gods post about inspiration! I wanted to share your wonderful advice with the world in hopes of helping others stay inspired.

Jen of says:
"... if I'm really stuck on a piece, I'll sometimes do something radical to it like turn it upside down and work on it that way, or paint over it entirely or use a color I normally wouldn't use. Anything for a change of perspective."

Sarah of says:
"Get out of your zone...Take a walk and actually look at things."

Melissa of said:
"I try to do those things that I've been putting off like organizing my fabrics and cleaning out my storage shelves. Usually I come across something that lights a little spark of inspiration."

Ruth of says:
"..organize photos or put together a scrap book of inspirational images..."

Lauren of gigglepotamus says:
"... stay open minded to what types of things can be inspiring- sometimes stuff that I wouldn't work with myself, but can maybe reinterpret: a zipper, the color of a dog's fur, the texture on a tree trunk, etc."

MaryJo or says:
"I look at old sketchbooks...flip through the books on my book shelf that I bought in a fit of inspiration to remember what that felt like."

Jennifer of says:
"I'd love to be given the challenge of having to come up with accessories for something like a period-piece play. It might never happen, but it's fun to try to come up with designs on the spot."

Thanks again everyone!


mwmdesigns said...

Thank you, Chen, for compiling this wonderful collection of philosophical points of view.

sqrl said...

Oh wow. Look at us all there. Together being so wise. Thanks for putting this together. Proud to be a part a great group of artists. I hope this little wisdoms help.

rutherford said...

This is really fabulous - perhaps you'd like to contribute to the philly etsy blog?

Antebelle said...
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Antebelle said...

This is a beautiful and inspirational post! Such great artists!

Shanda said...

Oh yea! Those are really great ideas! I'm with Melissa.Cleaning out my craft shelves and going through my beads and yarns always jumps starts my creative flow!

Jen said...

Wonderful post!