Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky Hands By Hanoch Reichert

After a multi-decade halt in production, my father, Hanoch Reichert, has finally reconnected with his artsy roots! His art focuses on Jewish/Middle Eastern themes, specifically the Hamsa, a traditional symbol of luck and protection for many middle-eastern cultures, shaped like a hand. The word "hamsa" comes from the Hebrew and Arabic words for five, referring to the five fingers on the hand.

When my family lived in Israel my dad used to make a lot of art in his free time. He would make beautiful, intricately cut-out paper Ketubot, Jewish marriage contracts, for local weddings. He also was an amateur carpenter, making cabinets and wooden clocks. His main job was an Industrial Design teacher in the local high school. But when we moved to America in the early 90's he went straight to work to provide for our family, and so he put his art on hold. That all changed when my brother, Shai, got engaged a few years ago and asked my father for a Ketubah for his wedding. My dad quickly got to work and made a gorgeous Ketubah filled with ornate drawings of Jewish symbols, decorated with shades of gold and silver. That was it! Once he started to draw and design again he was on a roll, and it was just a matter of time before he got started in earnest.

You can view and purchase his beautiful charms in his new Etsy shop luckyhands.etsy.com

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