Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phillies Phanatics

Last night as Sam and I were getting ready for bed we heard a loud POP! and screams outside of our apartment. We looked at each other and said "the Phillies must have won the pennant." We might have been some of the few Philadelphians not watching the game. Don't get me wrong, I love to play sports but watching them has never been my thing, well except for the summer Olympics. Anyway, we decided that since this hasn't happened since we were in middle school, that we should brush the dust off of our Phillies caps and head out to celebrate with the rest of Philadelphia. The following pictures show the celebrations that we encountered on our street corner.

The screams we had heard were coming from the bar next to our house. Everyone had run outside to celebrate.

Several fans had run out to the middle of Market Street to give high fives to on coming traffic, pop champagne bottles and pour them on each other.

A short lived chant was started as well.

Some fans also stood in front of SEPTA buses begging them to honk their horn.

Then the cops came. The end.

Go Phillies!

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