Monday, September 8, 2008

Those Summer Nahhhaaights

Sigh.... the last weeks of summer. I always end my summer with a frantic attempt to spend all of my time outside soaking in the final moments of sun and warm breeze in the air. I'll find any excuse to spend the day in the sunshine. So it's no wonder that the last few weeks of my summer have been filled with fun outdoor events, starting with a drive-in movie.

Sam, Amy and I attended the Philly Car Share Drive-In Movie Series at Starr Garden on Wednesday, August 27th. The event was small and lovely, there were prizes, giveaways, a few local artists selling their crafts, and free yummy popcorn and refreshments to go around!

The feature that evening was The Goonies. But the main event were very adorable but incredibly annoying children running around in the dirt creating strong winds of dust that descended upon all of the movie goers.

They were eventually stopped by their parents (20 minutes later) and the remainder of the night was spent enjoying The Goonies....

... and coming up with creative ways to stay warm on that particularly chilly beginning-of-the -end-of-summer night.

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