Monday, September 8, 2008

LEGO Art Show!

The fun continues with The Art of Brick, Nathan Sawaya's LEGO art exhibit. Aside from it's unique subject matter the show is on display in a unique place, the American Swedish Historical Museum, an 82-year-old museum in the middle of a lovely park near Philly's stadium land.

Though the show is small, taking up one room on the lower level of the museum, the artwork is big in scale and ingenuity. Human forms, animals, skeletons and more are meticulously constructed out of colorful lego blocks. The overall aesthetic of the art is that of an 8-bit video game, which makes some of the more somber pieces seem less gloomy.

To complete your LEGO art experience, be sure to check out the LEGO play room next door to the exhibit. Click here for more photos of the show.

The show runs until November 30. For more info visit:

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Mike McGarvey said...

Lego Exhibit is awesome. Just came across your blog, great stuff.