Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I hate mushrooms but I love the Mushroom Festival

This past Sunday my friends and I headed out to Kennett Square for the 23rd Annual Mushroom Festival. The crowds were huge, the weather was gorgeous and the mushrooms where bountiful in quantity and variety. There was everything from mushroom ice cream to mushroom coin purses.

We met some cool katz that set up a booth selling fun Japanese toys and yummies. One of them it turns out had been a teacher in Japan. He now works for a flower shop called Chansonette, 201 South Union Street.

We took a little stroll down to the shop and immediately fell in love with everything there. The shop is tiny but the flower arrangements and eclectic decor is magnificent. We must have played in there for almost an hour. We all ended up leaving with bags of flowers, plants, Japanese candy and toys.

In conclusion, I went to the Mushroom Festival hoping that I would find a new mushroom that would end my long history of mushroom hating but I was unsuccessful. The upshot is that I had a blast, ate delicious non-mushroom items and can add Kennett Square to my short distance getaways list.

Check out the rest of my pics from the Festival here.

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