Friday, September 26, 2008

Nice to Meet You Baby

I thought it was time to make a little baby version of the popular Cordial Robots adult tee. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Boto Paintings!

Yesterday I picked up my left-over paintings from the Curiosity Shoppe's July-Sept Rotation (thanks again Hannah and Peter!). I am in the process of listing them in my etsy shop. They are my largest paintings to date, ranging from 9'x12' to 18'x24'. I've never tried to sell paintings larger than 6x6 in my etsy shop so let's see how it goes!

Good Morning

I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise in my inbox. A google alert that a fellow Etsian, HeroDesignStudio, had featured my Boto and Botoka's Favorite Season Print on his blog. Check out the cute post, a collection of fun Autumn art.

Friday, September 19, 2008

CRAFTADELPHIA! September Craft Show

This weekend CRAFTADELPHIA! once more arrives at the lovely Mew Gallery in South Philly. The show is part of Philly Etsy's monthly craft sale to showcase Philly's crafty talents. Come check it out for all your crafty needs. You can find paintings, t-shirts, hats, jewelry, pins, bags, plushies, glasses and more. A perfect one stop shop for unique gifts for yourself and the people you love.

From and Philly Etsy and Mew Gallery:
What is Craftadelphia!, you ask? It’s a combination craft fair/trunk show. Its inside and outside. It’s all the hand made goodness your little hearts can handle all at once! Craftadelphia! is a sale featuring art, independently designed and produced items and tons of handmade delight.

Featured artists & designers:
MWM Designs- jewelry made w/ semi-precious gems and natural materials
Nicole Carey- clothes, jewelry and more made from new/upcycled materials
Botodesigns- robots and a plant on canvas, dolls, pins, t-shirts and more
Bijoux by Allison- handcrafted gemstone and vintage jewelry
Becky Augustine Jewelry Designs, LLC. - jewelry for everyday wear
Grace Christie - sophisticated adornments to get you out of those sweats
Ahlen Moin- science fiction artist and writer
Tremundo - handbags made from new, recycled and unique materials
Erin Carey- live music

Saturday, September 20 from 11-4PM
Mew Gallery @ 906 Christian Street
Subsequent dates: 10/11, 10/18, 11/22 & 12/6

Thee 50's High Teens!

Last Friday I went to see Thee 50's High Teens at the El Bar in Fishtown. The show is part of the group's first US tour. The performance was everything I had hoped for and more: Big hair, loud screaming, rhythmic chants, 60's classics and vampire costumes.

Their English was adorably awful. The organ player, Yocci, was the host. She had a cheat-sheet with her speeches but in the spirit of spontaneity she put it away and used two phrases for the rest of the night "Drink beer!" and "Congratulations!"

Needless to say, the crowd loved them and I did too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fresh New Paintings

Check out my latest boto canvases, available in my etsy shop.

I hate mushrooms but I love the Mushroom Festival

This past Sunday my friends and I headed out to Kennett Square for the 23rd Annual Mushroom Festival. The crowds were huge, the weather was gorgeous and the mushrooms where bountiful in quantity and variety. There was everything from mushroom ice cream to mushroom coin purses.

We met some cool katz that set up a booth selling fun Japanese toys and yummies. One of them it turns out had been a teacher in Japan. He now works for a flower shop called Chansonette, 201 South Union Street.

We took a little stroll down to the shop and immediately fell in love with everything there. The shop is tiny but the flower arrangements and eclectic decor is magnificent. We must have played in there for almost an hour. We all ended up leaving with bags of flowers, plants, Japanese candy and toys.

In conclusion, I went to the Mushroom Festival hoping that I would find a new mushroom that would end my long history of mushroom hating but I was unsuccessful. The upshot is that I had a blast, ate delicious non-mushroom items and can add Kennett Square to my short distance getaways list.

Check out the rest of my pics from the Festival here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

LEGO Art Show!

The fun continues with The Art of Brick, Nathan Sawaya's LEGO art exhibit. Aside from it's unique subject matter the show is on display in a unique place, the American Swedish Historical Museum, an 82-year-old museum in the middle of a lovely park near Philly's stadium land.

Though the show is small, taking up one room on the lower level of the museum, the artwork is big in scale and ingenuity. Human forms, animals, skeletons and more are meticulously constructed out of colorful lego blocks. The overall aesthetic of the art is that of an 8-bit video game, which makes some of the more somber pieces seem less gloomy.

To complete your LEGO art experience, be sure to check out the LEGO play room next door to the exhibit. Click here for more photos of the show.

The show runs until November 30. For more info visit:

Those Summer Nahhhaaights

Sigh.... the last weeks of summer. I always end my summer with a frantic attempt to spend all of my time outside soaking in the final moments of sun and warm breeze in the air. I'll find any excuse to spend the day in the sunshine. So it's no wonder that the last few weeks of my summer have been filled with fun outdoor events, starting with a drive-in movie.

Sam, Amy and I attended the Philly Car Share Drive-In Movie Series at Starr Garden on Wednesday, August 27th. The event was small and lovely, there were prizes, giveaways, a few local artists selling their crafts, and free yummy popcorn and refreshments to go around!

The feature that evening was The Goonies. But the main event were very adorable but incredibly annoying children running around in the dirt creating strong winds of dust that descended upon all of the movie goers.

They were eventually stopped by their parents (20 minutes later) and the remainder of the night was spent enjoying The Goonies....

... and coming up with creative ways to stay warm on that particularly chilly beginning-of-the -end-of-summer night.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Friday Show Tomorrow!

Somehow I always end up scrambling to get everything ready for an art show and the show I am in tomorrow is no exception. I was asked today to be a part of a one night only art show called "Night Life" hosted by OverkillStudio. The art show and party takes place Friday, September 5 from 7-10pm, above Artist and Craftsman, 307 Market St. in Old City Philadelphia.

"The concept for the show is work that is produced in the night - the obsessive artist within each of us that paints him or herself to sleep, that wanders the streets looking for alternative canvas, the perfect image, or inspiration, or the all-nighter pulled before a big show." How appropriate! I'll definitely be up all night trying to get as much painting done as possible.

The artists in this show are coming together from all corners of the earth: Philly, NY, Boston, Japan and Spain. It should be a fun time, filled with refreshments, music and rockin' artwork. Be sure to stop by if you are in Old City for First Friday. Hope to see you there!