Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seasons of Love

I recently completed a series of paintings showcasing the boto fam's favorite seasons. You can view/purchase the original paintings at OMOI. 1608 Pine St. Philadelphia. Or if your budget is a bit smaller then check out the mini-prints of this series in my etsy shop (available individually and as a set).

Falling leaves and crimson colored trees make Boto and Botoka happy robots.

Grey days and frosty weather make Kuroboto feel happy happy.

It's a beautiful day to enjoy a picnic beneath the blossoming cherry trees. An oHanami (flower viewing) is not complete without a bento, sake, cherry blossom ice cream and a blue tarp.

Takoboto the Octo Bot happily slithers along in the mid-July rain.

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isaacbushkin said...

I remember you! Thanks for the nice words. I'll be in Philly in October for a show at Mew Gallery. You should come by. I love your bots. <3 -isaac