Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Up up and away!

Botodesigns is soaring to new heights! Thursday, June 12 will be my official last day at my full time office job. I decided that life is too short to spend it at an office when all I want to do is make art/rock the Boto.

>self plug alert<

Tell your friends and relations that Botodesigns is open for business for any custom artiness, consignment, gallery show and general spreading around of robot (and plant) love. Thanks for all your support. I've been doing this for less than a year and have already met so many great people who have inspired me to make my decision. I owe a lot to Etsy for their amazing site that made it easy for me to get my work out there and meet many wonderful sellers and buyers.

So, here we go! GANBARU!

Check out 2 new postcard paintings available at my shop.

1 comment:

Paper Girl Productions said...

I hated the office! Good luck with your business, I'm sure you'll do well! Planto the plush is awesome! Drop by whenever you get a chance, happy Wednesday...wait its Wednesday right?!