Monday, May 19, 2008

Kinetically Speaking

Saturday was full of sunshine, hearty brunching and the viewing of fantastical bicycle sculptures making their way around Kensington parks and through muddy mounds on Trenton Ave. This weekend the second annual Kensington Kinetic Derby took place in (where else) Kensington. Below you will find my photos as I journeyed to the far reaches of Philadelphia to watch this wacky and impressive event.

At the head of the pack was the Octopus Bike.

Followed by its lovely blue bicycling ocean waves.

Then came a giant robot bike!

A skull... And many more! Check out the rest of my pictures from this event in my flickr photo album. The derby ended at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival (not in Trenton, I know many people were confused about this). The Arts Fest was full of great vintage clothing, silk screened tees, prints , ceramics, jewelry and tasty mac n cheese. Boto didn't get out to the sales tables this year, because I found out too late about the show. Hopefully I'll be selling my work there next year or building a giant robot headed bike sculpture to parade around the streets of Kensington.


jenscloset said...

Looks like so much fun! I found your blog through your flickr account..nice to meet you!

Chen Reichert said...

it was a blast jen! thanks for checking out my blog and my flickr page ^ - ^ I'll be updating them both very soon and hopefully on a more regular basis.

nice to meet you too! i've seen your etsy site before it's very cute :)