Saturday, May 3, 2008

Botodesigns: The Beginning

After graduating from college I was accepted into the JET Program in Japan. So off I went to Nara Prefecture to teach English at Kashihara H.S. (about an hour SE of Osaka). I lived in Japan for a year and spent most of my time traveling, collecting postcards and enjoying the culture and wacky characters that I encountered on a daily basis.

Somewhere along the line my experience planted the seed of the idea of a robot tourist. It gestated for a few months until Boto was born and soon after came his motley gang of friends and family. And they just keep coming...

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BradyDale said...

I picked up your card from you at a First Friday that I bet was about two years ago, at least. I just stumbled across it and found your blog. I love the old man robot on this one. He's so great. I see your robots are going and growing and getting better and better!
This Too Will Pass